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Technical Rider
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Technical Rider
If not agreed otherwise exhibition organizer provides....

1 flatscreen Full HD (1920 x 1080px ) 65 inches or bigger
or strong Full HD beamer with front or backprojection screen

detailed meassures must be agreed 4 weeks before show because we need to adapt a metal or chrome look frame for the screen. (see below pt.5)

If not agreed otherwise exhibition organizer provides....

3x small dimensioned Speakers (H/W/D <30/<25/xx ) i.E. Genelec 6020A or better,
positioned on simple floor stands with round basis .
Speakers active or with separate Amplifiers i.E. .........................* or better.
Optional: Subwoofer .

1x Mixing Console, relatively small (H/W/D in cm <ca 8/<ca35/<ca45) i.E ..............* or better.
Min 4 Mono Inputs and 3 Busses/ Outputs
Colour of all audio components, ( speakers, amps, stands, cables ) : BLACK

Stands as K&M 260/1 Mic Stands round foot

03 Connectors
Video : , 1 x DVI
Audio : 3 x Mono Chinch *
Power: 220V / 800W

04 Internet connection
(optional, please contact)
05) metal frame
A metal frame exists for a 65" Panasonic TH-65PF9UK panel.
Frame messures can be checked here -

The use of an other flatscreen model or HD-back projection needs new metal work.

06 SetUp / Mounting
Flatscreen panel mounted / hung from ceiling . In case of worries that the screen will swing too much it should be fixed with steel cables on the floor (directly or with weights).

The audio mixers will 'disappear' behind the hanging screen.

The speakers will be positioned below the hanging screen left mid right (see picture) on black round stands or will also be a part of the hanging unit .

To optimize the stabilitiy of the slot machine ( physical user interface) it can be screwed into the floor. The floor mounting holes are positioned the coordinates....
front left 0/0 mm
front right 485/0mm
rear left 180/0mm
rear right 180/485mm

In case it is not possible to fix the Box directly onto the floor
(a)...a ( wooden) floor panel reactangle or round with min 150 cm side length / diameter should be provided to screw the box onto that.
(b) ...or weights have to be provided which can be fixed with clamps at the back foot of the slot machine.

Meassures of 'Mindbox'

total height: 116cm
depth: 65 cm
width: (with arm) 64 cm
area on floor including extra back foot : 55 x 57 cm

Weight : empty ca 65 kg, with computers etc ca80 kg.
(without foot - minus ca18kg)

* will be specified soon

7) Lights
The light setup will be adjusted on spot, Please provide several dimmable, soft warm light sources. The optional opening performance ( Zappalà / Poon ) might need some additional lights.

Special Requirements for possible outdoor presentation :
- waterproof roof to cover around 4 m²
- solid metal anchors to fix the machine on the ground
- security guard

- add. protection for ext. devices (screen or projector, audio equipment)

Photos 300dpi
(right click to download)

getting physical : 'pimpers' Gobi Hofmann & Jochen Liedke at work. Aug.09 www.stabil-berlin.de
...better than imagined
shematic illustration
modification of the Bally machines (april 2009)
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