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Information for Festival Partners, Collaborators and others.

For MindBox presentations at festivals, exhibitions or events the following costs need to be covered

- 1) transport ( ca 120 kg including case, computers etc)
> Transport Details
- 2) optional individual finalization for every showing : adaption of content and functions, exchange of coin-checker* for non EUR countries.
- 3) participation on production costs**
- 4) artists fees

Taking care of the limitations of festival budgets and other facts we appreciate to get an offer which is fair for both sides. Please remember that travel & accommodation for at least one person as well as presentation equipment should be supplied by the festival/ exhibition organizer.
> Technical Rider

**Production costs MindBox
The expenses for hardware, external Software, design, video shooting equipment, travels, fees for external co-workers and assistants rose to an amount significantly higher than a double five digits sum. (not including a cent for artist's fees.)

*As you learn from the trailer and description the MindBox has a coin insert.
According to the agreement with exhibition#s organizer agreements can be made concerning
- length of play rounds (default 6 min plus bonus time / 50 cent )
- wait-time until next free bonus round.
- benefit sharing between exhibitor, artists optional third parties.