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MindBox (Information for Festival Partners & Collaborators)

With the audio-visual triptych MindBox Christian Graupner & partners created an audience reactive installation and an electro acoustic music instrument using the body of a 'one armed bandit' as an user interface.

The installation attracts visitors' senses offering a joyful gambling- game around musical, choreographical and cinematographical elements as dance & beat-boxing ...a form of vocal percussion from which the installation derives its title. The arm and buttons of the modified fruit machine function as a tactile interface to the actions of a filmed character whose vocal- & movement clusters can be re-composed and re-performed by the audience.

MindBox is a piece of the work cycle H.RP [Humatic Re-Performing] .

MindBox Exhibitions & Events:
After been shown in Scandinavia , Italy , Tokyo, Vienna, Berlin, Troy / NY and after winning the New Musical Instruments Award in Atlanta / Georgia 2011 MindBox is available for more .

MindBox 1.1 2006-2011 , first of a series of maximum 6 units, property of the artist.

MindBox è un installazione audio-video interattiva, che si presenta in svariate e mutevoli varianti e invita lo spettatore/partecipante ad influenzare il corso della sua presentazione.

In modo sottile, MindBox racconta la storia di suoni lievi e gesti non spettacolari, nella ricerca dello straordinario nel quotidiano e del suo ritrovamento nello spirito. Inoltre, Mindbox traccia un ritratto artistico unico del coreografo italiano Roberto Zappalà.

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...ein grenzstabiles, wechselwirkendes System, in welchem Querverbindungen zwischen Casinokapitalismus Glücksspiel, Tanz, Autismus und konsonantem 'Beatboxing' greifbar werden.. [C.Graupner, Entdecker des Spiralhebels]


[ger] Mit dem audio-visuellen Triptychon MindBox erschufen C. Graupner & Partner eine publikums-reaktive Installation und Musikinstrument, das ähnlich wie ein 'einarmiger Bandit' bedient wird. Der Besucher wird in ein variantenreiches Spiel mit musikalischen, choreografischen und filmischen Elementen involviert. Der Titel MindBox leitet sich vom Begriff 'Beatboxing' ab, der eine im HipHop verbreitete Form der Vokal-Perkussion beschreibt.

MindBox ist eine dreifache 'Medienschleuder' zum Anfassen. Armhebel und Tasten der tiefergelegten Slotmachine stellen den 'Körperkontakt ' zum Choreographen R. Zappalà her. Vokalklang-und Bewegungssequenzen lassen sich manipulieren und 're-komponieren'.

Anonymous MindBox Addict. Photo by Jürgen Lösel www.loesel-photographie.de

Artists & Participants

Christian Graupner
(GER) Humatic, inventor, media artist, director, composer
Roberto Zappalà (I) performer, choreographer
Norbert Schnell (F) IRCAM Centre Pompidou, interactive music & sound design
Nils Peters (GER) Humatic, system developer and software artist.

Maria Inguscio Compagnia Zappalà Danza management
Gwendaline Bachini script & assistance
Dirk Behrend, Mad Eye Studio interface & grafik-design
Gobi Hofmann & Jochen Liedke, stabil-berlin.de metalwork& mechanics
Christian Günther electro mechanics
Jo Frgmnt Grys display control
João Pais additional control software patches (2011)
Nico Aimar team assistance
Jochen Buschardt
hardware and operating system management
Simon Harris engl.text editor
Thanks to Breitbildbrüder GmbH, Vasna Nagy, Simon Harris, Michael Leyton & Hannes Heiner.
Very special thanks Bernhard Eber, Fa.Bally Wulff
Thanks & respect to Don Foresta (www.mmmarcel.org) for connecting experts & networking

Thanks to the Real-Time Musical Interactions Group at IRCAM Centre Pompidou, Paris

MindBox is produced by Humatic Berlin in co-operation with TMA Hellerau , BEK (Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts, Norway) and Compagnia Zappalà Danza. The MindBox technology is based on HUMAsystem and the FTM & Co libraries for Max/MSP.

Christian Graupner
Christian Graupner is a Berlin based artist, composer, guest artist at ZKM Karlsruhe and the creator and developer of real-time media playback systems. His wide ranging earlier works were made up of drawings, paintings and experimental electronic music, mostly published on records, CDs as well as in movies and radio plays under the pseudonym VOOV. Lately he has developed a series of reactive media installations in which characters appear significantly in the foreground. With his works such as '2Lives Left' and newest projects 'MindBox' and 'Don't Dance', he is keeping alive his conceptual platform 'Automatic Clubbing'. In 2000 he formed the independent artist group and production company Humatic Ltd. together with Nils Peters with whom he develops software tools for artists working in a variety of media forms.

CV: http://www.humatic.de/cv/cg.html

CG's graphical work : above: MindPrints (2011) below: WarLords (2011) manually treated prints, limited edition of 36

Photos 300dpi
(right click to download)

getting physical : 'pimpers' Gobi Hofmann & Jochen Liedke at work. Aug.09 www.stabil-berlin.de
electronics making of , technical details : display reanimation by jo frgmnt http://frgmnt.org/sub/tob/mindbox_vfd.htm , http://frgmnt.org/sub/tob/mindbox_led.htm
shematic illustrations
modification of the Bally machine (april 2009)
Set Up
SetUp with one big HD screen or Full HD Beamer / Backprojection. On the original digi displays of the slotmachine we show realtime news and stock ticker fed via web connection. See tech.rider for details
Please dont hesitate to contact cg_at_humatic.de for further information

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Archive : http://worx.humatic.net/p/61inst_art.html

Supporters & Collaborators

TransMediaAkademie Hellerau
Breitbildbrueder GmbH

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