Humatic / Christian Graupner & Partners: BORDERLANDS project
The BorderLands installation is currently in production. Please contact for details.
In talks with scientists we learned, that sleep is not the opposite of awake. Sleep includes a multitude of processes which run completely on their own and are not controlled by our willpower. In BorderLands we transform and abstract this knowledge showing a video protagonist and the graphical surrounding screen areas develop their own activities which influence each other. The SetUp of BorderLands allows to the visitor to observe and manipulate these activities.

During the work on BorderLands we where slowly drifting from the original sleep subject and where focusing on the creation of the so called Movie Time Space and it's navigation. Additionally to sleeping and resting positions we recorded more expressive dance movements and added more abstract body related visuals and distortions. We are now focusing the surrounding space of the planned installation. The Movie Time Space is a virtual multidimensional structure which contains and organises all media files and their interconnections. Observing, listening to and interacting with BorderLands means traveling through the Movie Time Space.

The name BorderLands was chosen because of the frontiers between the media elements, activities states and forces are floating, borders get crossed and new territories are entered.
Borderlands consists out of four main elements which are shifting in between stability and instability. The German word 'grenz-stabil' means unstable in the center but stabilized in its borders.

The Elements

A) The shape and movements of a performer.

B) A graphical surface representing the Movie Time Space

C) The music and sound level which as well has its own driving and pulsating forces but develops in interaction with the visual elements and the visitor.

D) the physical installation setup consisting of a screen, mirrors, loudspeakers, a camera and antenna sensors. The setup invites the visitor to observe the 'artificial organism' and to influence its flow.

BorderLands tries to create a state in its media- and visitor interconnectivity which finally eliminates its single elements in perception in order to create a higher, more abstract level of experience and reflection.

'Man was given three things from heaven in return for the many hardships in life: hope, sleep and laughter.' Immanuel Kant
Installation by Christian Graupner (visual media) and Todor Todoroff (music)
Software : Animiro by Andre Bernhardt Karlsruhe & HUMAsystem by Nils Peters, Humatic
The development of work is now continued as a part of a the H.RP series.
H.RP = Humatic Re Performing... a series of video portraits with highly developed musical gaming factor and advanced visitors' access.