The Global ByeBye Gesture
    NMN the NoMoreNukes Cat Hack
    Series of Objects, Installations & Videos
    by Humatic & Partners

    Popular Japanese 'Maneki Neko' Lucky Cat figurines have been significantly hacked:
    The cat's head is turned by 90 degrees which transforms the meaning of the waving gesture from 'welcome' to 'bye-bye'.
    The solar powered statue now holds a yellow-black nuke sign.

    The self-explanatory objects & installations trigger a controversial discussion about touched traditions & violated values. Operating close to Kitsch the NMN figurine gets populized to become a symbol for peaceful & playful protest against nuclear lunacy.
NMN cat shop at: Etsy Movies & background at NMN website ! soon available: Limited NMN Edition incl Movie-Box !
above: left: NMN cats' American Friend / mid : NMN in the European Capital of Nukes /
ríght : Taiwanese Activist with NMNfigure at Gongliao NPP04 Nuclear Power Plant Construction Site
below: NMN at San Onofre Power Plant before its final shutdown decision,
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