SITE UNDER  PERMANENT CONSTRUCTION  : NMN : modified solar powered 'Maneki Neko' Lucky Cats hold a nuke sign. A 90 degrees twist transforms the meaning of the waving gesture from 'Welcome' to 'Bye-Bye'.
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NMN cat's American Friend 2014-4

NMN (headless )cat field recording 2014-3

Original photo by Bjoern Schwarz Treatment by CG


In your PR please don't forget to mention the NMN project and Civil99, the Taiwanese anonymous activst group who had the idea in 2013. Don't forget to send photos, movies and anecdotes from your nocturnal actions.

Tech :80 frames 30fps 1,4 MB full resolution quicktime h264. Feel free to convert into any other format, framerate, lenght etc to optimize your projection.

MNM 100 installation feat . DJ Mieko Suzuki at 'Ausland ' Berlin 2014-3-11


NMN means 'No More Nukes'. Popular Japanese 'Maneki Neko' Lucky Cat figurines have been significantly hacked:

- The cat's head is turned by 90 degrees which transforms the meaning of the waving gesture from 'welcome' to 'bye-bye'.
- The solar powered statue now holds a yellow-black nuke sign.

The self-explanatory objects & installations trigger a controversial discussion about touched traditions & violated values.Operating close to Kitsch & tastelessness the NMN figurine gets populized to become a new symbol for peaceful & playful protest against nuclear lunacy.

The team around C. Graupner welcomes the support from the most different artists & genres and the sense of the diversity that comes with it. The many colorful partnerships are a crucial part of the NMN project which appeals to participants to contribute their own ideas & contents.
(Museums) installation ( proposal ): Future NMN set ups will be planned in conjunction with the spatial & environmental possibilities: A swarm of NMN 100 ore more* cats in a museums space will be exhibited .. en-lighted by a spotlight fed -of cause- by 100% renewable power. The installation will be accompanied by documentation movies, statements, photos,etc.. a multichannel soundtrack will boost visitors involvement.

*The final amount on NMN swarm members can relate on the number of NMN godparents.

Additional to exhibitions in arts spaces 'guerrilla actions' continue: recently several NMNcats have been observed at popular hot spots in Hollywood, Downtown LA & Berlin Hiroshima, London and Paris, Melbourne and many other places.


Order your NMN cat at:
... or get in direct contact : nmn(at)


Order the raw parts at
and make your own NMN cats
according to the tutorial


TRANS-PACIFIC NMN INSTALLATION  On 2013 March 9-11th synchronized NMN installations took place close to the Nuclear Power Plants (NPPs) San Onofre, California,US Gongliao, Taiwan and Kashiwazaki-Kariwa, Japan. These three locations have one common ground which is the extra high risk of earthquakes. In sync with the installations there was silent NMN late night exhibition in Berlin and a colorful NMN event in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia ...the country is in talks to become an international nuclear waste deposit and is a significant plutonium provider.

...the NMN event depicts the boundlessness of radiation, lunacy AND resistance. Far from megalomania it is good to see the NMN signal making its way and the project getting its own dynamic.

Worldwide map of nuclear power stations and earthquake zones

Photo : Civil 99 / NMN activist in the early morning hours on 2013 March 11 in front of Gongliao NPP04 [ link to Chinese information ]
CALIFORNIA San Onofre CA  responding to Taipei during the NMN TransPacific BYE BYE NUKES installation
In sync with Taiwan & California Ulaanbaatar , Mongolia :NMN show with overtone singer Hosoo (photoi) rapper GEE plus various artists & activists ... but where ? .... at The Beatles Memorial !! . (something John Lennon might have never imagined !)

Aldraa LD coordinated the NMN Project at Ulaanbaatar .
more pics from the Mongolia event at facebook

"My homeland my tears"

Hacked Lucky Cats have been seen in Paris, London
and various other European cities recently.

The artist Horiaki Ibe joined the action by setting up a NMN Bye-Bye Nukes installation beside Kashiwazaki-Kariwa NPP Japan's biggest one ... located at the west coast .
above: NMN at Heiwa-cho,Niigata-city , Japan .
right : Hiroshima , photo by Jennifer Florin

left : Berlin late night answer on NMN transpacific installation
below: during the night they warm their headless bodies at camp fires.
If NMN ever will make any profits we will donate at least 50% to organisations fighting for independent renewable power projects or against irresponsable nuclear tech use. The rest of possible benefits will be invested in new art projects.

Links for people working for a nuclear free world collected by CINC = Citizens' Nuclear Information Center, Tokyo

Safecast independent Geiger counter network

Everybody can participate in the event by taking over the godparentshood for one or several of those cats at:

Soon we will offer special editions of the NMN cat directly on this website and through onlone galleries as Saatchi. com . The (art) collectors edition will be limited, numbered , certificated by the artist.
Press kit incl. photos download at
Transpacific Ratification Ceremony in front of the Taiwanese Embassy , Berlin . Photo by Mapel
2013Feb15 Sound Artist &  DJ Mieko Suzuki supports NMN ByeBye Cat Project on her Austrialia / Japan Tour and at Berlinale Filmfestival
Soe Sezuki is an Anti Nukes Activist , Grafic Artist & Tattoo Expert from Japan . For NMN she is active in networking and created a special tattoo as a new make up for the unlucky NMN cat.
Designers /  Partners in Creation :

3 D realisation NMN hand Eric Lopesz ( CAN)
& Moritz Mattern (GER) 
Inititial 2D support : Lars Künstler (GER)

Design Concept & Production : Christian Graupner

Legal Consultant: Cornelia Bauer

Early NMN Consultant : Kana Nakazawa

Thanks to Steffen Hauffe & Frank Tenge,

Artists, Supporters & Participants

Saba Komossa, Gabi Delgado Lopez & VOOV =VOOV DELKOM FORCE (Soundtrack NMN video #2)

Michael Gross & Jan Gropper (Soundtrack NMN video #3)

Rolf Alexander Biemelt & Berlin Club Orchester (Soundtrack NMN video #4)

Rapper Gee , Hosoo & Band Jonon (live act NMN video #5)

Alexander Hacke aka Alexander von Borsig ( (Soundtrack NMN video #7)

USA : Consultant:Torsten Jurk
Japan : Artist Hiroaki Ibe, Painter Heeday Francis, DJ Mieko Suzuki, DJ Kihira Naoki , Jennifer Florin , ina Viola Blasius and many many more
Taiwan : Civil 99 activist group with many anonymous members.
Mongolia: Aldraa LD , Overtone singer Hoosoo Hosoo, Rapper Gee Ccb, Jonon Tsogoo, Nomuundelger Bayrsaihan, Tserenbyamba Tsend, Bulgaa Bulgan and many many more.
Berlin: Rolf Alexander Biemelt CMS, Michael Saup, Maya Wada, Ink Agop, Ben Ruetenik, Lusine Boyajyan, Ben Ruetenik, Rodrigo Betancourt, Valentina Utz Rodrigo, & many many more
Germany / Japan : Tatoo Artist Soe Sezuki

Artists, activists & supporters are invited to communicate their own idea's and promote their activities on the 'NMN platform'

The NMN No More Nukes Bye-ByeNeko solar driven lucky cat ( in short: NMN-Cat) uses a well known symbol for 'welcome, luck and money' and transforms the message to ' bye-bye & danger ' by using a simple trick.
NMN cats mechanism is powered by the sun
NMN as an 'object trouvé' which has been destroyed, modified and reassembled stands for a change.
NMN says NO to nukes and YES to the sun .... with a smile!
NMN is international, non patriotic, open for collaborations
NMN sign and project is open for further association levels.
NMN wants to be transparent and wants to take part in the battle against half-truth , disinformation, censorship, hectoring and corruption.
Most wanted !!! :
Expert(s) in strategie , communication & marketing.
Designer(s)& Engineer(s) to support the NMN related object creation incl. research for new materials. (imagine a NMN cat made from wood or recycled tin cans ! )
Please contact directly.
Artistic background Already during the production the media slot machine MindBox ( Christian Graupner was keeping his eyes open to find further ready mades with a lever physical objects to serve as an interface for his audiovisual installations & instruments while preserving their formal characteristics. To his new media system MNM he gave a control device based on the skeleton of this Japanese 'Maneki Neko' cat, known by everybody (even in the western world). The waving arm serves as lever to control the flow of a 're performance' and the other arm holds a turntable to scratch and
pitch the music and ... all of that in a polished 'Jeff Koons Look (to be previewed at ) . After this break of own taste-taboos had been executed, nothing could stop him to create other works around this POP-object such as the video triptych 'Hello Beauty', a flirt with Ligeti's 'Poème symphonique' .... As a kind of side product of Graupner's mind space travels the solar-driven cat mutation NMN no-more nukes – Bye-Bye UnlLucky cat was born.
Research concerning the meaning & history of the original Maneki Neko figure leads to dozens of interpretations. We found some interesting websites and even 'Beckoning Cat' museums. A German website collects as well bbizarre stuff , videos and art pieces around the lucky cat . The cat is very proud to be mentioned there.
Links incl movies :
Aldarmaa Lkhamdondog
Hiroaki Ibe
Heeday Francis
Soe Sezuki
NMN-Cat & NMN project by Christian Graupner, Humatic GmbH, Berlin based on a work published at since 2011-3-20 For permissions to use the work in noncommercial or commercial context contact All Rights Reserved to Humatic GmbH , Berlin & Partners