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C Graupner about Mieko Suzuki :

When I first saw her DJing I was very impressed by her alienated appearance and her incredible sounds. She was mixing bass and vocal driven tracks I had never heard before with bits of abstract contemporary music and piano classical clusters. In the weeks after, I had the chance to see various other performances by Mieko Suzuki. I tried to listen from a neutral position but she always managed to make me feel a drastic boost of quality and intensity compared to any other act playing before or after her: with her special combination of sounds and music she was just blowing peoples' minds.
Later we found out that the interest in each others' work was bi-directional and we became friendly co-workers and decided to take some common artistic steps. In various further observations & discussions I learned that she is taking the DJ work very seriously, she is preparing her sets precisely and seems to be extremely sensitive for audience reactions constantly aware of that 'feedback loop' which turned DJs into early pioneers of interactive art . Both of us are not taking care too much about the classical 'art' term not looking for the latest trends in the 'official art world' but searching for the 'hot shit' which is clever and moving our minds, souls and bodies. Mieko Suzuki tends to describe her DJ performance as sound installations or sound scapes. This is not always easy to understand and of course not always matches the expectations of a disco crowd... How could they know, seen that most DJs around are just entertainers ... Her strong vision of her own work and the special way she selects and respects music urges me to find a new term for this kind activity: I propose ARTC = Audio Real Time Curator. or RTAC = Real Time Audio Curator. Which one do you like best?

In MNM we feature Mieko Suzuki's unpretentious but enchanting gestures, we visit her in her unique virtual mind-sound-laboratory and provide a platform for a headstrong musical performance.The NMN turn-table interface offers basic scratching functions and more. That double effect = a DJ at work being spinned by the audience of course has a special charm & deepness and is an exaggeration ...not leaving out some irony.

about Ming Poon
While Ming Poon comes from a dance background, he prefers to describe himself as a movement performer. Being a non-adherent to any specific dance aesthetics, he readily experiments and combines elements from an eclectic mix of techniques and disciplines.
The primary medium he works with is the body, which he has a predilection of viewing as an object, by stripping it to its physical and affective functionality and mechanics. His idea of dance is one in which there are no 'dancers' on stage, only bodies that are in the process of forming, transforming and disintegrating. He has worked in countries such as Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands and Singapore. His choreographic works include: 'The man who looks for signs', 'A piece of heaven', 'Ghosts', 'Back', 'Topography of Pleasure and Pain' (dance film). 'Gravity', '(un)it: HD85828|in.ViSiBLE' and 'The Infinitesimal Distance Between Two Bodies'.

Download Ming Poon's full CV incl. pictures.

MNM Artists & Participants
Christian Graupner (GER) Humatic, concept & video, co-composer

Mieko Suzuki (JP) co-composer & performer
Ming Poon (SG /NL) performer, dancer

Phuong Nguyen (GER) co choreographer

João Pais (PT ) programmer/ developer Endphase laptop trio
Nils Peters (GER) Humatic, software artist.

Norbert Schnell (F) & Musical Interaction Team at Ircam, Centre Pompidou

Peter Knabl Form & Mechanics
Jeff Mann (CAN) Electronics & Control Systems

Alan Gleeson(IRE) sound collaborator

Itamar Zechoval / Dandy of the Grotesque styling / costume for Mr. Poon
Ink Agop
camera operator & team assistent on Ming sessions
Masami Hanyuda
(JP) styling for Ms Suzuki

Eric Lopez (CAN) 3D modeller, partner in physical interface development
Dr Cumhur Erkut
(FI) partner in system development
Ives Schachtschabel
(GER Mr Pais' temp.assistant)

Martin (GER) consultant a in music related questions and beyond.

thanks to Jo Frgmt Gyrs, Joanna Szlauderbach , Myriam Doumi , Danja Schilling

The installation is making use of the FTM & Mubu libraries for Max/MSP
Special thanks to the Musical Interaction Team at IRCAM / Centre Pompidou especially
to Norbert Schnell who developed parts of the technology during the MindBox collaboration

Supporters (so far)
Hellerau SAKAMOTOcontemporary
State of Development

The project is in late development phase
...ready for further cooperations with festival partners etc .

Side kicks

C.Graupner develops project related graphics, notations and side projects along with MNM and H.RP.

In 'Hello Beauty' 99 manekii neko arms play a special kind of concert.

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Video clip : Not Alone

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