The Rhythm Of Waiting


The sound and media system ManuFact explores re-materialisation, reduction and 'poetry-fication' in digital story telling.
Sub-frequent vibrations of the always changing 'The Rhythm Of Waiting'- concert can be felt by touching a wooden board.
The triptych offers a simple interaction scheme: The more you do, the less you get.
'ManuFact' is part of Humatic's H_RP [ Humatic Re-Performing ] series It is realized as a pseudo holografic
reactive Pepper's Ghost installation and can be blown up to a giant version with man sized hands on a shaking floor.

video ( prototype ) .... password protected , don't hesitate to contact Humatic cg[at] for access

concepts, visuals & sound: Christian Graupner
system development : João Pais
performer : Larissa Hoss & João Pais

more about the artists : H_RP collaborators

presentated at Digita_Lia Exhibition Stettin , Poland, 2015
an d H4MM Berlin.

related works: H_RP series WarTen
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