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The conceptual piece, FrameWork112_5, includes the implementation of media installations as well as a series of images on paper. It follows an exploration of the human body and its connection to a defined space. Laying the body on a surface and drawing the outline feels increasingly archaic. The harsh handling of materials and media provokes accidents that alter the course of the process's development and cause the works to form their own abstract dynamic. 

The series is based on the so-called Humatic Re-Performance concept, in which the performance is put in a new light through unique recording setups, choreographies and media feed methods. The immediacy of the performance is supported by physical and architectural components.The number 112.5 stands for the musical tempo at which beats and frames meet in an optimised way at 30/60 fps. The AV- version is played on a threshold of perception: the visitor is free to explore the logistics or follow a kind of ritual ceremony or dance on a tightrope in between.

concept & realisation: HUMATIC / C_Graupner +++ soundtrack: VOOV & partners +++
acrobatic performers: Kaodi Alum & Donna Mitchell +++ creative collab : Cat Young  

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