The multi-channel installation FeeedBack 5 (FB5) relies on the stimulating effect of the guitar-feedback sound and beauty - focussing on pure bodily excitement in aesthetic and social contexts - before becoming meaningful .
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After first talks and auditions we are happy to introduce new performers, protogonists & collaborators in FB5:

Manon Greiner
started very young with classical ballet. After studying history of arts, french & italian she decided to study contemporary dance at the Folkwang Hochschule, Essen).In 2003 she graduated at Codarts in Rotterdam. In 2005 she joint teh D.A.N.C.E Network where she worked with William Forsythe, Wayne McGregor, Frédéric Flamand, Angelin Preljocaj. In 2007 she received her Master in dance from the Palucca Schule in Dresden.Since then she was working with different choreographers such as Pierre Droulers (Charleroi Danses, Bruxelles), Prue Lang (Mousonturm, Frankfurt), Jasper Jelen Dzuki (Dansateliers, Rotterdam), Ezequiel Sanucci (Danswerkplaats, Amsterdam), Sun Chuo-Tai (8213 Physical Dance Theatre Taiwan, Taipei) & Cesc Gelabert (Gelabert-Azzopardi companyia de dansa, Barcelona).
Miki Shoji
is a contemporary dancer from Japan. Started dance at Michiko Yano Modern Ballet Academy in 1989 , She danced many pieces by various choreographers in Japan. In 2009 she came to Berlin to work with Constanza Macras/ Dorkypark, Max Luz, Oscar Bianchi ant others.
Janne Gregor
Berlin, performer & director founded the Company KANTINE where she choreographs and dances.. She was acting at the Consol Theater Gelsenkirchen and Theater Dortmund, studied acrobatics at the Etage e.V., school for performing arts in Berlin and graduated in physical theater. Amongst others she worked with/for: Marina Abramovic, Joan Jonas, Micha Purucker, Michael Vogel/Familie Flöz, Willi Dorner,Irina E. Andreeva, Rosa Casado & Mike Brooks. and is member of Teatr Novogo Fronta, Prag & Theater Strahl, Berlin.
Barbara Berti
was born Bolognia ( IT ) ....graduated in advertising graphics, photo and illustration ....was following ?techniques of movement & improvisation? in school of theatre "Galante Garrone" (Bologna) Practicing contact improvisation since 2006....currently works in Berlin in independent dance& video projects. ...was collaborating with various artists institutions and companies such as Judith Seng & UDK Berlin in the project ACTING ....?Academy Opus Ballet? (Fi) ...."Inteatro Festival Academy (2009)" residence of perfection artistic in choreography and composition
3 different Set Ups
In this early state of realisation we see three different appearances / usecases:
THE Instrument / Performance / Interactive (Reactive ) Audio Visual Installation
THE Instrument
Process : One by one audience can enter a film setup ,..can play the feedback guitar with guaranteed success and be a popstar for a few minutes. A movie is taken from his performance , excerpts of that movie can be sent to the visitor/performer after editing, postproduction.
Players can control the sound by movement, such as (body) rotation & tilt and by making use of the whammy bar. In addition the sound itself will challenge the player to react, and to find a balance between control and being controlled.
Character / Message : we can be heroes, stimulation, excitement, involvement, entertainment .

Locations: Art Festivals, Galleries , Museums, Events , Clubs, Fairs, ThemeParks

FeeedBack5 Performance
Process : Breath taking 15 min show , fully choreographed, pre composed AND realtime modulated music
Character / message : contemporary dance, between cliché and lunacy
Locations: art festivals, events, big and mid size stages.
FeeedBack5 Interactive/ Reactive Audio Visual Installation
Process : Auto generative audio visual concert modulated by visitors interaction as described
Character / message : experimental art , humatic re- performance, stimulation, excitement, involvement, entertainment .
Locations: art festivals, galleries, museums
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