Dumbass (Ai Weiwei) Treatment
    24" Full HD Video, 83 min, loop

    The treatment of Ai Weiwei's Dumbass music video clip employs time-axis manipulations, spatial fragmentation & 'triptychification'. The work both celebrates and interrogates, proposing a new hypnotic soundtrack as a result of the spiral H_RP (Humatic Re-Performance) process
    Original Music Video ' Dumbass' by Ai Weiwei
    Director of Photography : Christopher Doyle
    Treatment by Humatic / C.Graupner

    H_RP Tools Developers : Alan Gleeson & João Pais

    please contact Humatic for access to excerpts of the work
    at https://vimeo.com/96174381 and further details
    *The Dumbass Treatment was commissioned by MOMENTUM for PANDAMONIUM: Media Art from Shanghai - a collaboration between MOMENTUM Berlin and Chronus Art Center Shanghai. Thanks to Rachel Rits-Volloch from *Momentum Worldwide & to Mieko Suzuki.
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