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Elbee Bad performer,
Christian Graupner concept & video,
Moritz Mattern video & 3D

Production: Humatic Berlin in cooperation with TMA Hellerau

Christian Graupner


CG is a Berlin based visual artist and film composer, guest artist at ZKM, Karlsruhe and creator of user reactive movie playback systems. In CG's installations characters are (nearly) always in the forground. His production company Humatic Ltd was founded in 2000 together with Nils Peters and develops software tools for art and other use.
CV: http://humatic.de/cv/cg.html

Video clip : Not Alone

Archive : http://worx.humatic.net/p/61inst_art.html

Moritz Mattern
movie links
Ewige Blumenkraft: <http://vimeo.com/813313>

Trailer for 3D-computer game "Freischwan von Steckdosen":

Concept-Art for Black Bass Battle Fishing mobile: <http://www.youtube.com/watch'v=PJjGtkUTcdo>

TK-News: <http://www.youtube.com/watch'v=l-6U1CWw33I>

TK4: <http://vimeo.com/2506943>

Joulia Strauss - First Delphic Hymn: <http://vimeo.com/3769270>

Moritz Mattern
born in Berlin in 1980

2001-2004 Digital Artist diploma at The German Film School, Berlin


2001 "Gorn", 2D-animation, 6min, Beta SP
2002 "Melvin", 3D-animation, 16min, Beta SP
2003 "Medienspiritismus Videokabinet", 3D-animation 45min, DVD
2003 "Ewige Blumenkraft", animation/compositing, 3min, DVD
2003 "Evildoers", 2D-animation, 4min, DVD
2004 "Essbare und belauschbare Pflanzengötter", 3D-animation, 11min, DVD
2004 "Freischwan von Steckdosen", 3D computer game, 1:35h, limited edition DVD
2005 "TK-News", 16min, video/3D-animation/compositing, DVD limited edition

Selected group exhibitions:

2002 "The 4th Baltic Biennial", Szczecin, Poland
2003 "Medienspiritismus Videokabinet", Art_Science, Berlin, Germany
2003 "Man-Machine", Freud's Dream Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2003 "Live", Forum Stadtpark, Graz (Graz-Cultural-Capital-2003),
2004 "Freischwan von Steckdosen" performance and demo-screening, Freud's Dream Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2004 "Freischwan von Steckdosen" performance and installation for the Opening of the Centre for Contemporary Arts "RuArts", Moscow, Russia
2005 "Roehrender Hirsch am Bergsee", Computer-Romanticism at Kunsthalle Palazzo, Liesthal (Basel), Switzerland
2005 "Kuenstlerbedarf", at "Preview Berlin - emerging art fair", Berlin, Germany
2006 "TK-News", video-screening at Freud's Dream Museum,St. Petersburg, Russia

Commissioned art:

2004/2005 "Stimulus Shelf", realtime 3D-environment for analyzing behavioral patterns in human test-subjects; for eye square GmbH, Berlin
2005/2006 various trailers, artwork, 3D-modelling, texturing, animation for Hardcore3Dwireless, Emeryville, CA, USA


ELBEE BAD represents MUSIC, without catagories'or simply: ART! It's been said, if JIMMY HENDRIX was a DJ, his name would be BAD!


Lamont Booker better known Elbee Bad is the owner of BAD´s Label LaRhon Records.

The New York artis lives and works in Berlin; a multitude of tracks ar published on well known labels as International DJ Gigolo, Soma, NuGroove, Laser Gun . In his Studio he worked with LL Cool J, the Fugees, Slam, Tyree Cooper, Soul for Real and many others. As DJ he was teaming up with Jeff Mills Laurent Garnier and others .

Elbee Bad
short biography
Born at Bronx/NY, grown up at Long Island/ NY, started his musical carrier in the age of four years playing the drums . 14 years old he became a DJ

1977 - 1979 moderator /DJ in a weekly Radioshow at WGLI RADIO / NY

1984 -1986 Announcer Training School /NY School for broadcasters & moderators

1988 first Record 'Just Don`t Stop The Dance'

1993 his Song 'New Age Of Faith' from year1989 gets published on 'Cafe del Mar' and after on several other labels as 'Smokebelch' and has got several 'decorations' (Face UK Top 50 Singles Of The Year/ Melody Maker u.a.)

1996 – 2000 KISS FM/ BERLIN: two weekly 5hours shows : 'Wow Whats That'

2003 MTV Germany 30 min live DJ Performance

2009Japan Tournee (Tokyo, Osaka ..) with DJ Mieko ( 'Fly Tobu' / album: the otherz, Bads Label)
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