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Christian Graupner (Humatic)
all projects [ H_RP] studied graphic arts, worked as visual artist (www.voov.de/FinA) and recording artist since 1980 in Berlin. Released a numberous of records and CDs (www.voov.de) sound designer, music composer/producer for TV, movies, theatre and radio plays. Director of numberous music clips. Name giving co-founder of 'Club Automatique. In 2000 he and Nils Peters formed the independent artist group and production company Humatic. (www.humatic.de) to create innovative media concepts, projects and software tools. CG has been guest lecturer at German & Suisse Universities and guest artist at ZKM, Center for Art&Media , Karlsruhe
His latest works explore the practices and myths around pop and contemporary music and combine multichannel video sound with partly machine- partly user-controlled 'humatic' interfaces and mechanisms. His recent sculptural / media work includes gambling machines and asian mojo figures, feedback guitars and beatbox-like vocal- & dance performances. In processing visual and audio material, he not only uses and adapts available computer programs but also uses the developments coded by his project collaborators. His work has been shown and performed worldwide : Selection of works http://humatic.de/cv/cg.html
João Pais
MNM 2013-15

RISS 2013

ManuFact 2015

studied composition and electronic music in Lisbon, London and Freiburg. With Luís Antunes Pena and Diana Ferreira he founded and directed from 1997 to 2001 the new music festival ?Jornadas Nova Música? in Aveiro (Portugal). He collaborates in the conceptual electronic improvisation Trio Endphase which performed worldwide. JP curated the performance series BodyControlled at LEAP (Berlin). He is an active contributor to Pure Data (Pd) software development, and Click Tracker, a tool for the performance, study and composition of complex music, works as a sound engineerand gives lectures and workshops on the theory and practice of electronic music.
Larissa Hoss
ManuFact 2015 Lari is a Berlin teenager, visiting highschool, has been living in Bangkok for 1 year, has guitar and dance skills .
Jazzmin Tutum
GIANT ManuFact 2015 Performer, Actor, Poet, Dub -Singer and Mother with Jamaican/Gabonese/Japanese roots lives and works in Freiburg, Germany where she hosts a Dub Radio Music Show, performs on theatre stages and writes and records her tracks and books.
Selected works: Reflections: An Anthology of New Work by African Women Poets, Lynne Rienner, 2013 featured in the BBC "World Arts Hour" in (April 2014). She is currently working on a new collection of Poetry titled: Africa Don't. Album Share the Flame (Universal Egg, 2013) Freiburger Gedichte Nicht nur fur Migrantin (2014). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TR2FsDHzdLc
Mieko Suzuki
MNM 2013-15

Mieko Suzuki having come from a pianist background and studied fashion, has been organizing events and performing as a DJ and sound artist worldwide since 1998. Mieko has won awards and taken part in artist residency programs whilst also performing as a musician and DJ at clubs and international art and fashion events. Selected events include Calvin Klein Tokyo Collection 2008, Female:pressure Japan Tour 2009, MOMENTUM Sydney 2010, Kunsthalle M3 Berlin 2010, Japan Media Arts Festival 2010, REH Kunst Berlin 2012, GALLERY WEEKEND Berlin 2012, JULIUS Paris Collection 2011-2014, Cynetart Dresden, Craft Gallery Melbourne 2013, Patric Mohr fashion show Berlin 2014, Marrakech Biennale5 2014.

Ming Poon

MNM 2013-15
While Ming Poon comes from a dance background, he prefers to describe himself as a movement performer. Being a non-adherent to any specific dance aesthetics, he readily experiments and combines elements from an eclectic mix of techniques and disciplines.
The primary medium he works with is the body, which he has a predilection of viewing as an object, by stripping it to its physical and affective functionality and mechanics. His idea of dance is one in which there are no 'dancers' on stage, only bodies that are in the process of forming, transforming and disintegrating. He has worked in countries such as Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands and Singapore. His choreographic works include: 'The man who looks for signs', 'A piece of heaven', 'Ghosts', 'Back', 'Topography of Pleasure and Pain' (dance film). 'Gravity', '(un)it: HD85828|in.ViSiBLE' and 'The Infinitesimal Distance Between Two Bodies'.

Download Ming Poon's full CV incl. pictures.

Phuong Nguyen

MNM 2013-15

RISS 2013

co choreographer
Norbert Schnell

Musical Interaction Team at Ircam, Centre Pompidou
Alan Gleeson

Alan Gleeson is Sound Artist, Developer & Teacher with Masters Degree University of Limerick, Ireland. He participated at CTM Berlin, 'New Music Marathon' at Contemporary Music Centre of Ireland and more, His musical research concerns the inner properties of sound and its meaning in context with Musique Concrète, acoustic ecology, psychoacoustics & field recording. Projects include Djing / producing / releasing house music under the moniker Stan Tropic.
MNM Artists & Participants
Peter Knabl Form & Mechanics

Itamar Zechoval / Dandy of the Grotesque styling / costume for Mr. Poon

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