Christian Graupner: Matrix des projizierten kollektiven schlechten Gewissens 2, Media Installation

test/ prototype movie

BadCon Matrix des projizierten kollektiven schlechten Gewissens (2)
BadCon Matrix of the Projected Joint Bad Conscience (2)

In 2009 the Dresden States Theater was showing Milo Rau's piece 'Pornografia' directed by Simone Eisenring. In context of the creation of a realtime- reactive video stage setup, portraits have been made which serve as source material for the media art installation BadCon (2)
The piece mirrors the fragile and complex interconnections between five characters on, behind and beyond the theater stage. A portrait photo of each has been projected onto each of the five protagonist's faces and has been recorded on video. 25 movies are connected in an organic way without any visible edits. The metamorphos. In the interactive version of BadCon the running order and connection behavior of the double layer portraits can be influenced by visitors touching the exhibited object. We see a continous float of permanently slightly changing 'virtual' double personality in a way which seems to offer an unlimited number of combinations. The metarmorpic flow provides a surreal feel of unstableness and ground loosing

The piece has been premiered in 2009 at Electropera Act 1: Parahouse 12 , Ullsteinhaus Berlin


Daniel Minetti
Helga Werner
Karina Plachetka
Björn Gabriel
Kai Roloff

Stills: Petra Schlüter-Wilke

Concept & Realisation : Christian Graupner

Soundtrack  : PumPen


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