from earlier prototype VIII with Veruschka Bohn

3POLE Pole Dance Media Installation

Pole acrobatic meets Humatic Re-Performance concepts providing close-to-real directness in reception and hypnotic spiralism. Moving pole acrobatic sequences appear in life-size on screens, providing a frame too small to show the complete body. The three screens are mounted on original dance poles. The merging between real- and video-poles combined with the life-sized presentation generate a close-to-real impression. Random access spiral video engines continuously compose unique audio-visual clusters and combinations. 3POLE includes methods which go beyond the typical and known, as it works with time-axis manipulations and various counter physical deformations in time and space.

Prototype used in VOOV's music video Barnum

Concepts by Humatic , Collab & Performance in VIII prototype by Veruschka Bohn /  V3

Creative Collaborators in Visuals, Music & System Development : Humatic, Joan Pais, Norbert Schnell ;Telematique / Sven Gareis. Formats : full size reactive media installation , 3 x Square Full HD , up to six audio channels & stand alone pseudo holographic 1:8 model

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