Humatic's EyeCatcher installation celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of the human iris and reflects upon the increasing use of autonomous systems handling biometric data in everyday life. The visitor is confronted with a technical apparatus, which largely automated takes photographs of volunteers' irises, processes the shots and feeds them into a system used for large scale projection of the digitally treated pictures, giving users the opportunity to take pictures of or with their projected iris.

Software Development by Humatic

Concepts and Production by Humatic
in collaboration with Nils Peters, Christian Graupner,
Eva Pech, Moritz Mattern,
Max Krueger & Peter Knabl

realisation commissioned & supported by VITAMIN E  & Olympus

thanks to Matthias von der Ahe, PPL

(c) photos & 3d visualisation Humatic GmbH , Moritz Mattern

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